Sculptural. Functional. Responsible.

Our Mission is to be the world's first sustainable, luxury furniture collection. Where luxury and sustainability match each other and compliment with both aspects having equal value and importance. 

Sustainability to Dara Maison is more than just how we have resourced our supply chain, it goes beyond our commitment to continue to lower our carbon footprint. Dara Maison is responsibly sourced and crafted, furniture that will last a lifetime. 

Taking inspiration from nature the Dara Maison collection brings together statement pieces that flow together as an elegant natural melody. Our belief is that nature is the world’s best designer and this collection has been founded on the pure forms of our earth’s layered terrains.  

Function and form work hand in hand, the furniture collection uses smart technology to make day-to-day living easier and more accessible without compromise.

Dara Maison is committed to:


Dara Maison is working with lead workshops, which take an approach using expert craftsmanship all delivered by hand. A team of skilled artisans with expertise across all areas of production work together to deliver excellence and quality. The workshop sources materials locally, such as FSC registered timber and takes a sustainable approach ensuring minimal waste of material.

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