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Dara Huang’s inaugural furniture collection brings together statement pieces that flow together as an elegant natural melody.Organic raw materials and high quality fabrics create an authentic approach to luxury. The finest world materials, left unengineered, are juxtaposed with carefully selected soft finishes. All selected fabrics sourced in Italy encapsulate the new luxury - radiant, yet sustainable and ecologically friendly.

The furniture collection offers a full range of colour choices from an exclusive palette inspired by organic and natural colours. The furniture pieces bring a natural environment into the home.

Dara’s belief is that nature is the world’s best designer and this collection has been founded on the pure forms of our earth’s layered terrains. Each unique piece is engineered from the highest quality materials to last the test of time.

The concept of the furniture collection focuses on combining sculptural beauty with function and practicality.

“Beauty and practicality do not need to be mutually exclusive; a piece of furniture can act like a beautiful piece of art, but also be comfortable and durable – and even child friendly. A place to work or sleep can also serve as a stunning focal piece. The future of designer furniture is in its duality.”

- Dara Huang

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