Any excess fabric supplied by the buyer cannot be returned to the buyer. We expect the custom fabrics to meet fire and upholstery requirements of their location in which the furniture will reside in. 

Advice and Guarantee 

12.1 The seller reserves the right to reject any fabric supplied by the buyer, if deemed to be unsuitable for production. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide the agreed quantity required. 12.2 Any fabric supplied by the buyer must meet British Fire regulations. The buyer must provide a fire retardant certificate for any such fabric supplied before production can commence. 

12.3 If treatment is not possible, the seller can provide a barrier cloth inter-liner for the seller to utilize in the production process (depending on the location of use) if required. This service is chargeable. 

12.4 If the seller is supplying the fabric to be used in manufacture, it is the buyer’s responsibility to look after it as per the manufacturers guidelines as normal wear or tear is not warrantied. 

12.5 It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the fabric is suitable for the use for which it is intended. 

12.6 Some fabrics (such as silks and velvets) and leathers can be marked by the slightest touch. As all our furniture is handmade, the handling of fabric is unavoidable and therefore the seller cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the condition of these fabrics when used during manufacture. 

12.7 As leather is a natural product, some of the hides may show natural marks or scars. Depending on the supplier, variation of both texture and colour may occur when compared to the sample the buyer selects. The seller cannot be held responsibility for such markings that are visible on the final product. Sizes of hides may vary due to the nature of the product, this may result in additional costs, which will be advised on receipt of hides from the supplier. The statutory rights of the buyer are not affected by these terms and conditions

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