The Art of Coffee Tables by Dara Maison

The Art of Coffee Tables by Dara Maison

In the realm of interior design, the coffee table reigns supreme as the focal point of any lounging space. It's not just a surface for resting your cup of joe; it's a functional piece of furniture that can anchor the entire room while adding style, character, and sophistication. At Dara Maison, we believe that the perfect coffee table can transform your living space, inviting relaxation, conversation, and aesthetic delight. Let's explore the artistry behind coffee tables and discover how they can elevate your home décor.

One of our standout pieces, the Burl coffee table, offers a structural twist on the traditional design. Its transparent acrylic legs create a sense of lightness, making the space appear more expansive. The combination of acrylic and solid wood adds a design-led finish, with the natural burls of the wood offset by resin, creating a beautiful blend of beauty and science. Each table is a unique work of art, with variations in the wood ensuring that no two pieces are alike.

For those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic, the Frank coffee table is the epitome of sleek sophistication. Crafted from solid travertine or calacatta, this table exudes elegance with its curved edges and low, rectangular profile. The honed finish enhances the natural beauty of the stone, while the square-shaped top provides ample surface area for drinks, books, and decorative accents. Like all our designs, each Frank coffee table is unique, with variations in the stone adding to its charm.


For those seeking a true statement piece, look no further than the Remy coffee table. Made from beautiful solid stone, this functional sculpture piece adds a touch of luxury to any space. The purity and contrast of materials speak for themselves, with the honed marble top complemented by a stained black oak base and antique brass ball detail. Whether used as a standalone piece or paired with our armchairs and sofas, the Remy coffee table is sure to make a bold impression.


At Dara Maison, we understand that coffee tables are more than just furniture; they're a reflection of your personal style and taste. That's why each of our designs is carefully crafted to enhance your living space while providing functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer the modern elegance of acrylic and wood or the timeless beauty of solid stone, our collection has something for every discerning homeowner. Explore our range of coffee tables today and elevate your home décor to new heights.

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